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Maritime Courses
Marstal Navigationsskole is a Danish nautical training institute combining state-of-the-art education with the proud tradition of its long history. The institute has been located in Marstal on the island of Ærø in Denmark since 1860.

The institute offers all kinds of maritime training and education and specializes in supplementary training courses such as advanced tanker courses and other STCW courses.

All courses are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and they are taught by a team of professionals guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest developments.

Simulator courses
Marstal Navigationsskole offers state-of-the-art simulator courses using three full-mission bridge simulators and have approved facilities for ECDIS and GMDSS training.

Supplementary training
Marstal Navigationsskole has profound expert knowledge in the area of supplementary training. All courses are tailor-made to fit the demands of our customers – shore staff as well as seafarers.

MarstalNavigation2Scheduled Courses :
•    Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Carriers (STCW V/1)
•    Bulk carriers ( IMSBC Code, Marpol, SOLAS)
•    Dangerous goods (IMDG Code)
•    Heavy lift and Lashing
•    Incident Investigations and Analysis
•    GDMSS
•    APPA course
•    Ice Navigation (in full mission simulator)
•    Ship handling in Simulator
•    Bridge Resource Management
•    Ballast Water Management

Michael K. Christensen
Head of Course Department
Tel.: +45 6253 1968

Marstal Navigationskole
Ellenet 10, DK-5960 Marstal, Denmark
+45 6253 1075