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Mecmar AS is a pioneering engineering company specializing in design and delivery of tailor-made exhaust gas systems for the marine market. Mecmar systems have been delivered worldwide in high speed catamaran vessels, high speed monohull vessels, car ferries, offshore service vessels, offshore platforms and naval vessel installations. Gas turbines and medium and high speed diesel engines are configured with Mecmar systems in propulsion, auxiliary and power generation applications. The system flexibility is specifically suited to electrical propulsion systems.

Mecmar AS

System Characteristics
Mecmar exhaust systems are specifically designed with seawater injection as the core feature. The technology has specific benefits to the environment, the personnel onboard and the ship builders. Systems are adaptable to suit many different installation configurations and can meet very specific customer requirements particular to a specific market sector. It is possible to marry a Mecmar system with other technologies such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and waste heat recuperation.

Space and Weight
Seawater injection cools the exhaust gas, reducing the volume to be handled downstream. This leads to more compact and lighter systems that are easier to handle during construction and takes up less space onboard in compact installations compared to conventional exhaust systems.

Pollution Control
Sulpher Oxides are reduced when exposed to seawater. The seawater injected into the exhaust gas also wash out particles and reduces the visual effect of an exhaust plume. Analysis of exhaust samples indicates significant reduction of a range of known pollutants on the seawater injection principle alone when compared to conventional dry exhaust systems. When combined with SCR technology Nitrous Oxides are almost completely removed.

SCR with Urea or Ammonia
The SCR process depends on Ammonia as a catalyst to achieve nitrous oxide reduction. Mecmar offers solutions with either Urea injection to produce the Ammonia catalyst or with direct Ammonia injection, which is more suited to space and weight constrained vessels since the storage capacity is much less demanding and direct injection has a lower maintenance demand.

Noise Reduction
Injected seawater has a significant dampening effect. This contribution allows more compact silencer designs whilst still achieving good overall attenuation for the system over the total engine power range. Mecmar designs always utilize a flexibly mounted system where mounts are selected according to a detailed shock and vibration analysis to ensure a minimum transfer of structure borne noise between the exhaust system and the ship structure.

Low surface temperatures on the exhaust lines minimizes the risk of flash fires in case of fuel or oil leaks. It also reduces the potential of burn injuries to personnel working in cramped machinery spaces.

Mecmar design philosophy includes a focus on ease and efficiency of installation. All components are supplied complete and ready for installation, including all fasteners, bulkhead penetrations and mountings. Clear installation instructions and other logistic products are part of the delivery.
Experience has shown that this approach of a high degree of completion leads to significant cost and schedule benefits for the shipbuilder.

Mecmar AS

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