Medicon Village AB

Medicon Village
– breeding ground for successful development and growth 

Medicon Village is a life science village for research, innovation and business for people´s health and wellbeing. Today we house 1200 persons in more than 100 organisations working in pharma, medtech, biotech, nano- and e-health. Medicon Village is a progressive platform for cutting-edge research and innovation in the fields of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and care in areas like Cancer and Food for Health Science.

We believe that interdisciplinary exchange is a key driver in creating growth. Being an ecosystem we want to speed the translation of promising new life science discoveries “from idea to market.” Also, our aim is to secure that needs and requirements from the market is transformed into ideas for researchers and innovators, i.e “from market needs to innovation”. Medicon Village is a venue for exchange of ideas and opinions, hosting a large number of life science seminars and events.

At Medicon Village, small companies benefit from the advantages ordinarily reserved for large   companies   – there are laboratories such as cell labs and advanced instrumentation labs, that make it possible for a start-up company in life sciences to launch their business without costly investments in premises and instruments.  This forms the conditions for the development of new medical devices and diagnostics to drugs. From idea to commercial product. There are more than 1000 instruments available to hire, and Medicon Village has 40,000 m2 of laboratory buildings.

So far, more than 40 research and development companies in the area of medical technology and biotechnology have taken up residence. Companies such as Avidicare, Alligator Bioscience and NeuroVive Pharmaceutical are represented. Many of these companies are  located  in the  Lund Life  Science Incubator, which is housed at Medicon Village. If you need specialist advice or assistance with a project, there are highly trained professionals. Today also more than 60  service providers at Medicon Village offer consultancy services from contract research companies (CRO), to IP, finance-, economy-, law- or technical experience firms that specialize in the life sciences.

Apart from  the  companies,  there  are  a  number  of other  organisations  at  Medicon Village.  Region Skåne is represented by e g Labmedicin Skåne and also innovation organisations and mediators such as ClinTrials Skåne. Lund University is present at Medicon Village with around 300 scientists in various areas including Cancer, Food for Health Science, Neuronano research and Health Economy. Lund and Medicon Village is home to the headquarters of ESS, European Spallation Source, a planned pan-European research facility, which is due to be built.

Alongside Lund’s future research facilities, MAX  IV and ESS, Medicon Village  is part of a world class infrastructure  of  today  and  tomorrow.  This offers a big opportunity for the Öresund Region as well as nationally, to reach out to an international arena.

Medicon Village AB is owned by the Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation, and societal development. The Foundation’s profits are reinvested into research and innovation.

Welcome to visit Medicon Village´s high quality laboratories and offices, all with full service to create your breeding ground for successful development and growth.


Scheelev. 2, SE-223 81 Lund
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