Medivir is a collaborative and agile pharmaceutical company with an R&D focus on infectious diseases and a leading position in the field of hepatitis C. In 2013 registration applications were submitted for a hepatitis C compound, simeprevir – a project being conducted in partnership with Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Medivir also has a broad product portfolio of prescriptions pharmaceuticals that are marketed in the Nordic region.
Research & Development

Medivir works with the entire development chain, from the early research to the finished pharmaceutical product on the market. Medivir’s research focuses on infectious diseases and has cutting edge expertise in the chemistry and biology of the enzyme classes, polymerase and protease.

The research portfolio comprises approx. nine pharmaceutical projects, five of which are being conducted in collaboration with partners. Seven of the projects focus on the development of antiviral pharmaceuticals, of which four are conducted in the hepatitis C sphere. The protease inhibitor, simeprevir, has been developed by Medivir and Janssen. Positive simeprevir phase III data was reported in December 2012 and togehter with previous phase II data, it formed the basis for the registration applications in the USA, Europe and Japan.


Medivir markets pharmaceuticals in the Nordic market. The product range comprises approximately 15 prescription pharmaceuticals in a variety of different therapeutic spheres, such as pain, gastro-intestinal, psychiatry and respiratory diseases. The Group’s pharmaceutical sales totalled SEK 165 million in 2012.

Partnerships spread the risks while simultaneously ensuring that our research projects are conducted efficiently and with access to the right skill sets and financial capacity. Partnerships also broaden the pharmaceutical portfolio.
A strong position in the hepatitis C sphere, coupled with one of the most promising compounds that is currently in the registration phase. A pharmaceutical portfolio that generates stable sales and profitability.
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