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Delivering medical education since 2010

Meducati specializes in medical education and the staff has experience from interacting with both the healthcare and IT industries for more than ten years. The company is specialized in delivering software solutions for many different training situations, including leading assessments for clinical studies, training investigators, and providing e-learning activities on the web.

In order to succeed with educational activities, it is important to define objectives and expectations that can be targeted. We are certified project managers that can support you through the development of a communication strategy and during the carry-through of your training projects.

We package your information; as interactive training courses, simulators, games, documents, and webcasts. We can supply graphics, provide existing or develop new tools, and produce videos.

We can deliver your documents and software through our own LMS (Learning Management System) and MMS (Media Management System). We utilize fast and reliable cloud-servers and have a global coverage.

Our platforms are designed to enable extensive progress tracking. If you choose to work with Meducati, you will be able to define and track performance indicators. You will understand the usage and impact of your documents, videos and courses and be able to use this information to adapt communication. You will be able to control quality in your project by correlating organizational requirements to training advancements.

We are a small dedicated enterprise that wants to deliver excellent results to satisfied clients. We stay agile and are able to take on small and large projects. We have a long history and extensive experience from the healthcare-, learning-, and IT-sectors and have clients from both the pharmaceutical industry and international research organizations. If you are interested in using us for your next educational activity or only want to know more about us and what we have accomplished already, please get in contact!


Bjorn Haman, MSc (informatics systems) Founder and CEO of Meducati




Bjorn Haman, M.Sc.
Founder and CEO of Meducati

Meducati AB
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