MEGTEC is providing systems for cleaning industrial emissions to air :

  • to remove odor disturbing neighbors
  • to comply with emissions regulations and / or
  • to reduce impact on Global Warming and Climate Change.

Typical applications include the processing of emissions from biogas upgrading, from paint boxes, from chemical and pharmaceutical industries, from ethanol production, from food production, from tank farms, from printing industries, from processes with chlorinated solvents and from GHG (Green House Gas) emissions of methane, of freons and of laughing gas.

Installation sizes range from processing less than 1,000 Nm3/h to over 375,000 Nm3/h.

The Climate Protection Award 2008 was awarded to MEGTEC by the US EPA with the motivation of having solved a major GHG emission problem and brought the solution to the global market. This is referring to the processing of Coal Mine VAM (Ventilation Air Methane), representing very large emission volumes in very low concentrations, and recovering the energy released. The Award was referring specifically to a site at the West Cliff Colliery of BHP Billiton in Australia, where a MEGTEC installation has been processing 250,000 m3/h of ventilation air with 0.9% methane and using the energy released to generate high grade steam designed to feed a conventional steam turbine. The installation is processing 20% of the ventilation air from the shaft and had by mid 2010 generated over 100 GWh of electricity and over 625,000 carbon credits.

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