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Mertex® surgical fabrics meeting the highest requirements.

Mertex® reusable surgical fabrics
Mertex® reusable surgical textiles are developed to meet the demands in today’s infection- and surgical wards. The risk of transmitting infections is a vital concern and to protect both patients and the medical staff surgical garments are used to minimize the spread of infective agents. Mercan AB offers a full range of high and standard performance reusable surgical textiles designed and optimized for surgical garments with excellent comfort and durability.

High performance laminates
Mertex® surgical 3-layer laminates with either absorbent or repellent finish are impermeable to liquids and provide a 100% barrier against viruses and bacteria. Mertex® laminates have a lifespan of 100 WDA cycles. The laminates comply with European standard EN13795 and have passed ASTM F 1670/1671 and biocompatibility tests according to EN/ISO 10993 after 100 WDA cycles.

Mertex laminates are soft, light, elastic and extremely comfortable, ideally used for surgical drapes and high performance barrier gowns. Mertex surgical barrier gowns with Mertex seam seal system meet with AAMI PB70:2003 Level 4 requirements and has passed the ASTM F 1671 viral penetration test even after 100 WDA cycles.

Single layer
Mertex® single layer textiles are ideal for scrub suits/clean air suits and surgical gown non-critical areas. Mertex® single layer textiles are available in 100% polyester or our patented PALPA polycotton. Due to the special PALPA construction Mertex® PALPA polycotton provides exceptional comfort with 100% cotton against the skin.

All Mertex® textiles include carbon yarn and comply with the European EN13795 standard after 100 WDA cycles.

Environmental benefits
Within the healthcare sector large quantities of disposable products are consumed every day producing a huge volume of medical waste and negative environmental impact. The environmental impact of medical garments in the main relates to the production process. This means that reusable medical garments offer tremendous environmental benefits compared to single-use programs since reusable medical textiles can be reprocessed and use many times.

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