Sp/f MES

Sp/f MES – Mechanical & Electrical Support was founded in August 2006, in order to make repairs for the fishing industry and vessels in the Faroe Islands during our vacation from the sea. In August 2007 we commenced working full time and extended our field of operations World Wide. Now our work is to assist ship owners with dry dockings, repairs, new building and inspection. Since we started World Wide we have attended more than 230 vessels, including around 123 dry dockings, 13 new buildings take over, 60 repairs/ modifications and 38 vessel inspections on behalf of various ship owners.Companies we have worked for since August 2007.

Essberger – Hamburg – Germany.
Clipper Tankers – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Clipper Projects – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Framherji Sea Food – Faroe Islands.
Smyril Line – Faroe Islands.
Fleet Management – Hong Kong.
Hoegh Autoliners – Sweden.
Nordic Maritime Services – Oslo – Norway.
Maersk Maritime Technology – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Stolt Tankers – Rotterdam – Holland.
Maersk Line – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Hanjin Heavy Industries – Pusan – Korea.
Hamburg Süd – Hamburg – Germany.
Nordic Tankers – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Clipper Fleet Management – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Brise Schiffahrt – Hamburg – Germany.
Ultragas – Copenhagen – Denmark.
Torm – Copenhagen – Denmark.


Niklas Joensen
Mechanical engineer from the shipyard in Tórshavn. Marine engineer from the school in Tórshavn. Sailed as marine engineer on fishing vessels, small and large cargo vessels and supply vessels. Last employed by Maersk Supply Service for 14 years, including 7 years as Chief engineer. Founder of MES.

Peter Højgaard Brodersen
Mechanical engineer from Maskinfabrikken Bola in Gladsaxe – Denmark. Marine engineer from the school in Tórshavn. Extended marine engineer from the school in Copenhagen. Electrical engineer from Leif Mohr in Tórshavn. Authorized electrical engineer in the Faroe Islands. Sailed as electrician and marine engineer on fishing vessels and cargo vessels. Last employed by APM-Mærsk for 17 years, including 2 years as marine engineer, 13 years as electrical supt and 2 years as travelling/docking supt. Have been a team member for more than 55 Maersk dry dockings and major repairs. Founder of MES.

Sp/f MES
Birnugøta 14, FO-100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands