MetaboGen AB

– targeting the microbiome to address unmet medical needs

MetaboGen AB, founded in 2011 based on scientific excellence from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, is a biomarker and personalized treatment company using proprietary metagenomic phenotyping of the microbiota to develop products for patient diagnosis, stratification and treatment, in diseases related to the microbiota.

Metabolic diseases are major global health risks. It is expected that by 2030, close to 200 million people will be obese in the EU alone (about 1/3 of the population). Many will have one or more of the following co-morbidities: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and increased risk of cancer. The direct (medical treatment) and indirect (inability to work) costs are estimated to amount to more than €100 billion per year.

The pharmaceutical industry has long strived to solve the complex problem of obesity and related diseases, with only limited success. Novel approaches are continuously sought for, and break through technologies to tackle this global health issue are highly treasured.

The founders of MetaboGen AB have identified the gut microbiota as an environmental factor that contributes to obesity and insulin resistance. Moreover, it is increasingly evident that the microbiome may affect treatment outcome of cancer therapy. Furthermore, there are a number of conditions where the bacteria colonizing our gut exert actions, influencing health. Taken together, this second genome, greatly outnumbering our own, has potential as both a diagnostic and a therapeutic target.

Next-generation sequencing opens up possibilities to characterize microbial compositions as well as their metagenome but does not identify mechanisms for understanding how the metagenome may contribute to diseases.  Accordingly, new translational medicine pipelines are required to identify and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to target the microbiota in different diseases.
The MetaboGen technology platform MeduzaGen™ holds proprietary, best-in-class metagenome assessing capabilities, providing excellent opportunities for fast progress in this rapidly expanding field. MeduzaGen™ provides outstanding abilities to address the microbiome and its properties, opening up a whole new avenue for treatment discovery, patient stratification and diagnosis. Using this technology, MetaboGen develops next generation probiotics and products for patient diagnosis and stratification, in metabolic diseases and other diseases related to the microbiota.

Intellectual Property
MetaboGen holds a growing intellectual property portfolio containing trademarks and patent applications in different phases. Built on the IP assets, a strong product pipeline is emerging.

In-house pipeline
MetaboGen runs several product development programs, to large extents in parallel, since many developmental steps rely on the same activities and coinciding analyses.

•     The MeduzaGen™ System for patient stratification and microbiome analysis
•     Diagnostic kit for stroke (clinical validation)
•     Diagnostic kit for T2D (clinical validation)
•     Next generation Probiotic intervention for several indications (target validation)

Company information
The company office is located at the Chalmers Campus, in close vicinity to both labs and the clinic.
Main shareholders are Fredrik Bäckhed (FB Biotech AB), Jens Nielsen (JN Biotech A/S), BioGaia AB and GU Holding AB.

The MetaboGen concept opens up a whole new avenue for treatment discovery, patient stratification and diagnosis and offers numerous options for partnering and co-development.


MetaboGen AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 11 A, SE-411 26 Göteborg
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