Mge-Teknik AB

Mge-Teknik AB MGE-Teknik AB is a turnkey contractor that offers the best way to success with your landfill projects. Our competence and offer includes In-house technology, Planning, Design, Construction and Production.

Our gas systems are fully automated and also have an interface to Internet. Our systems are turnkey in order to use gas for electricity production, heating, etc. or just to torch up the gas.

We perform

  • Landfill gas plants
  • Gas-drying system
  • Environmentally flares acc.TA-LUFT regulations
  • Gas boilers, boiler house
  • Gas engines (CHP), Gas turbines
  • Planning, design, construction and engineering.

Auto regulated gas wells are our specialty when optimized extraction of landfill gas are in focus.

Mge-Teknik AB
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