Company Mission

It is Microsynth’s mission to be a leading service and solution provider for molecular biologists who require
either high-quality DNA/RNA oligonucleotides, robust DNA/RNA sequencing & analysis solutions, or want to
outsource entire research projects.

History and Introduction

Microsynth is a private and independent life science corporation with its headquarter in Balgach, Switzerland
and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria and Germany (ecogenics, Microsynth Austria and Seqlab). Microsynth
was founded by Dr. Tobias Schmidheini in 1989 and is currently active in three different business areas. When
Dr. Schmidheini started in 1989 to produce DNA oligonucleotides on behalf of Swiss academic institutes, he was
one of the pioneers in this area. Meanwhile the company is offering its numerous customers a broad spectrum
of high-quality DNA/RNA oligonucleotides for research but also for molecular diagnostic applications. In 1992
the company decided to enter the business field of DNA sequencing. Today, the company is also well positioned
in this area being able to offer its customers both traditional Sanger sequencing services as well as state-of-the
art next generation sequencing services.
The third business area (contract research & outsourcing) is essentially a combination of DNA/RNA synthesis
with DNA sequencing along with other expert areas (DNA/RNA isolation, PCR & qPCR, genotyping, advanced
bioinformatics) where customers can rely on Microsynth’s broad expertise and outsource entire research
projects. Within this short company profile, special emphasis is given on Microsynth’s newest business segment.


Contract Research & Outsourcing

Microsynth has successfully performed many different projects (especially in basic and preclinical research) over
the last decade, ranging from one-month projects to projects lasting several years. Experienced researchers with
strong track records in microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and genomics help you to define the
best analysis strategy to optimally address your research questions. To do so, we can rely on a broad portfolio of
protocols/techniques available at Microsynth (see following page). Professional project management expertise,
high-throughput sample logistics as well as close interaction with the sponsor will ensure that projects are
carried out cost-efficiently as well as completed in time.


Portfolio of Key Techniques & SOPs



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