Milton Medtech AB

                  ”Medical technologies
                        from ideas to products”

We develop medical devices – and offer:
• Project Management
• Development of medical device innovations
• Patentability investigations
• Electronic Designs
• Assemblies for research purposes
• Risk analysis
• Selection of suppliers and production strategy
• Packaging, symbols and labels

Services to established medical device companies:
• Technical education and training for the sales force
• Service of medical equipment
• User manuals and service manuals
• Translations (English / Swedish)

About us
Operations began in Linköping in 1980 with technical support to researchers at the University Hospital of Linköping. Today, we are four employees with customers throughout Sweden.

We are experts in medical device technologies and have contributed with several patents to our clients. The majority of our commitment is to help innovators and emerging companies on the right track.

Our production has recently moved to new premises: To the former rail station building in Vikingstad. Here we will launch manufacturing in a cleanroom in 2014.

All products are manufactured on assignment.


Manager Sven G Milton
Administration Eva Milton
Production Kenneth Holmgren
Development Melki Karlsson
070 729 7724
070 253 5825
070 022 8730
070 938 1452

Manager Sven G Milton
Milton Medtech AB
+46 13 83 202