Mjørud AS

Mjørud As is a Norwegian based offshore EPCI supplier for Gas Turbine off engine systems. By working in this marked for over 20 years, we have gained massive experience.


Mjørud’s core business is based on the well known GE LM 2500 and LM 6000 engines. Many of our solutions are been developed in cooperation with our costumers and engine Suppliers.

The core business includes design engineering, fabrication and offshore installation of:
• Gas Turbine Exhaust and silencer systems
• Exhaust gas collectors
• Waste Heat Recovery Systems
• Complete HRSG systems for offshore application
• Delivery and installation of Flow Enhancers
• Combustion Air intake systems
• Gas turbine enclosures including ventilation and Anti Icing systems
• GT handling systems
• Advanced Gas Turbine transport and storage Systems
• Structural design / analysis and fabrication
• Performance of Flow, Thermal and Static Analyses
• Site inspections, reporting and case studies

Design and engineering
By use of state of the art equipment and advanced computerized analyses, we are able to design according to today’s technical standards.

Our fabrication facilities are situated in Rakkestad, Norway. By use of our own specialized workforce, with short communication lines between engineering and fabrication, we are in full control of all stages during the fabrication period.

Offshore service and installation
Mjørud offers offshore support and service on 24 hour basis. Our planning, and Mjørud’s experienced installation crew is focused on efficient offshore installation, with a minimum of down time for the affected systems.

With more than 60 major Gas Turbine related deliveries during the last 10 years, Mjørud’s turbine related offshore experience is in its own class.




Mjørud AS
Rudskogenveien 61, P.O. Box 134, NO-1891 Rakkestad
+47 6922 8800
+47 6922 8899