MNC Marine

MNC Marine delivers complete IT-systems, from normal to high-speed satellite communication, cabling on-board, Ship wide wireless network, Servers, Computers and Printers, Software, Media stations for Cabins or Social spaces, Live-TV and Video On Demand (VOD).


mnc marineComplete worry free IT environment with 24/7 support
MNC Marine delivers custom designed on board computer systems with the highest level of operational reliability. A unique model of carefully selected and tested hardware combined with maintenance, monitoring, reporting results in operational reliability and high security at a reasonable cost. The vessel will only have one contact person for the entire IT infrastructure onboard.

Installing and Maintaining critical Maritime Systems
For our customer we do installation, configuration, education and maintenance of maritime applications. MNC Marine works with several of the leading Maritime software vendors.

mnc marineOur services:

  • Customer Requirements Mapping
  • IT-architecture
  • Optimization of IT environments
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Complete hardware
  • Software- installation and configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Education

mnc marineMNC Marine Communication, Information and Entertainment platform (CIEP)
CIEP is a new breed of media solutions for distributed media access, it’s totally web based which means that you don’t need set top boxes and allows a wide range of devices to connect and access both information, communication as well as media.

To make this really user friendly for your Crew and Passengers all media and information is accessible through the local media portal. The interface can be modified to your company’s graphical profile.

The cabins can be equipped with our entertainment optimized computers with which the user can access all information and media on-board. They can also browse the internet, use email and chat with friends and family. The users can of course use their own computers as well.

Why MNC Marine:

  • One supplier taking responsibility for Your vessels IT environment
  • Worldwide service and support 24/7
  • Understanding the special requirements of IT on board
  • Competence covering all IT on board
MNC Marine
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