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Mo Industripark‘For things to happen, there has to be an industrial dynamic, like there is in Mo Industrial Park,’ an entrepreneur, who is behind the creation of new businesses in Mo Industrial Park, told us recently.
The company had several offers of location. When they chose Mo Industrial Park, it was because they found it favourable to position their business here alongside a comprehensive supply industry, demanding customers, and other services for production, fabrication, and engineering presence.

This is recounted by Ivar Hartviksen, the PR Manager of Mo Industrial Park AS.

Mo Industrial Park AS is a property and management company based in the industrial park in Mo i Rana, one of the largest industrial parks in the country, home to almost 120 companies and around 1900 employees. There is a wide range of businesses with varying market orientation, ownership, and expertise. Many of the companies are working against international competitors, both onshore and offshore. There are process industry companies, mechanical industry companies, engineering companies, laboratory businesses, environmental technology companies, service and supply companies, fi sh farming operations, and many other small business of various kinds. Common to these is that they fi nd the location benefi cial for their own business thanks to the well-developed infrastructure across a broad spectrum. Not least, this applies to adapted rental premises (almost 110,000 m2), power supply, water and sewerage, port access, and communications solutions, as well as the option to purchase services from other businesses in the industrial park in order to allow companies to focus on their core business.

‘Industry in Rana has a one hundred year history. It started with the industrialisation of mining operations in Båsmo Mines. In 1902 construction work for Dunderland Iron Ore Company Ltd (DIOC) began, which featured a fully electrifi ed mining operation and concentration plant with ground breaking new technology.

Today, the Mo Industrial Park is the largest industrial centre of gravity in northern Norway. In recent years, mechanical industry has enjoyed an especially large growth, with companies serving onshore industry as well as offshore businesses off the Helgeland coast. This mechanical industrial environment is the strongest in the region, which is a clear advantage given the expansion of oil and gas operations in the north. The other area that has enjoyed signifi cant growth during recent years is the mining operation at Rana Gruber AS, which continues to mine the same ore deposits that DIOC started on,’ says Hartviksen.

Industry in Rana has a huge advantage in relation to the new area of focus in the north: ore and mineral extraction. Rana is rich in several ores and minerals, which are likely to generate new business in the years to come.

‘Mo Industrial Park and industry in Rana have a major advantage in their location, with oil and gas operations in Helgeland on the front door step, a vigorous international process industry, and abundant opportunities in existing and future mining operations,’ concludes Ivar Hartviksen, PR Manager of Mo Industrial Park AS.

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