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About Molab
One of Norway’s leading industrial
laboratory companies.

Mo I Rana-Glomfjord-Oslo-Porsgrunn

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Our services:

Ο Environmental monitoring
Ο Analytical chemistry
Ο Materials testing
Ο Consultant services

About Molab
We are accredited by
Norwegian Accreditation (NA) in
all our business areas.

Our quality assurance fulfills
NS-EN ISO 17025 and our
environmental policy fulfills
the demands of ISO 14001












Molab offers a great variety of testing methods. In our wellequipped, modern laboratories we sample, prepare and perform chemical analysis. This allows us to participate in the full development cycle from raw material to finished products. We also offer organic and inorganic customized analysis for industries and research organizations. Through decades we have developed comprehensive skills in analytical methods and problem solving across multiple disciplines.



Molab has performed environmental investigations in both outdoor and indoor environments for decades. We offer sampling, analysis and consulting services. The company is accredited for the measurement of emissions to air and water – as well as for the determination of the various parameters and components of emissions. In addition to this, Molab also performs environmental mapping of buildings, land surveys and assessments of the working environment.

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