Møllerodden AS


Møllerodden AS has delivered quality products to offshore industry all over the world since 1963.

The fact that Møllerblokk has become a term in the industry is no coincidence. Our experience and knowledge give our customers high quality products, manufactured according to stringent safety requirements.

We deliver all types of blocks. A wide range of standard blocks is available, but we also deliver custom made blocks designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Today Møllerodden AS is owned by Brødrene Haukås Mek. Verksted AS. Brødrene Haukås has been our cooperative partner and the manufacturer of our

products for many years, and still is. Our knowledge of the entire line of production and the proficiency behind it is fundamental in order to guarantee the quality of our products.

At Møllerodden AS, we are prepared to meet whatever demand our customer might have. Our goal is to achieve the best solutions for our customers and meet quality and safety requirements.

We take pride in our products and the process of making them. We follow our customers all the way, from the initial concept to the delivery of a finished product. No product or project is considered complete before we have met all the expectations from our customer.


Møllerodden AS
Longhammarvegen 15, NO-5536 Haugesund
+47 52 70 31 00