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About Momentum Gruppen A/S
We are an independent advisor and service partner for Danish and international investors of green energy. We are specialized in trading with, and management of, wind turbine projects and solar (PV) plants in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

We have been involved in transactions of more than 150 MW, and we currently have 130 MW in management – with more in the pipeline.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the leading service providers in Denmark within our field.

We have an excellent knowledge of the business due to our solid network of well-established developers, banks, manufacturers, service providers and consultants. We are thus an independent and proactive partner within management, trading and consultancy of wind parks and PV plants.

Most of our customers are private investors and businesses from the industrial, institutional and financial sector – all looking for wind turbine or PV projects of 1 MW–50 MW.

We procure and trade single wind turbine projects and PV plants as well as larger parks.

We evaluate each project individually with our complex measuring tools where location, performance, improvements and understanding of the market is incorporated.

Through our portfolio and international network, we are an important source for domestic and international investors.

We scrutinize the commercial, technical, legal and financial setup in order to optimize the structure of the project.

Our expertise is used by banks and investors, when an independent second opinion or an evaluation of a project is needed.

Commercial Management:
We create value for our customers through reliable, proactive and independent advice and service in the management of the investment.

We secure that all our projects in management are fully operational, have a well-documented track record and an optimal electricity price.

Moreover, we can provide favorable terms and prices on full-service, management and insurance contracts.

Technical Management:
Our subsidiary, Momentum Windtechnik GmbH, are experts in technical management of wind turbines located in Germany.

Besides the technical management of wind parks, Momentum Windtechnik offers services within repowering and planning of new projects.

Combined we possess the needed experience, resources and competences to plan, develop and execute repowering projects successfully. We offer our joint counseling, from the very beginning through the whole process until the new wind turbines are in operation.

Our technical addition in Germany enables us to extend our holistic approach to management. Thus, we cover all aspects of technical and commercial management of wind- and PV investments.

Combined with the asset management skills of Momentum in Denmark, and the technical expertise of Momentum in Germany, we are raising the standards on management of wind turbines and PV project.

Why contact Momentum Gruppen A/S
The combination of our technical, legal and financial expertise – and our focus on lean management – gives us a unique platform for optimizing and managing our costumers’ investments in wind- and PV projects.

Momentum Gruppen A/S