Mosterfarm AS

Mosterfarm AS is located in Mosterhamn on Bømlo. Bømlo, an island community built upon long maritime traditions. Maritime industries, such as deep sea fishing, shipping, marine engineering, and ofcourse fish farming. Fish farming being the mainstay in today’s modern fishing industry. Mosterfarm AS is an important part of this environment. The production facility is located in the heart of the largest fish farming region in Norway. Mosterfarm AS have produced floating fish farms at it’s facility in Mosterhamn since 1985. A total of more than 700 heavy duty cages have been produced, among these 70 with integral loading quays and other bespoke equipment/modifications.



During the development of our fish farms, we have always maintained very close relations with the highly skilled fish farming community. Compact steel cage structures provide a strong, stable working platform. This – with a good freeboard – give maximum safety for fish farm workers.Good working conditions are essential for a viable fish farm.The mainstructure (floating collar) is made of high strength steel piping, protected by an advanced painting system. The secondary structure (walkways and ancillary equipment) are hot galavanized.

Our local service crew is availible on short notice if assistance with assembly, modifications on location or any other service work is required. From being an industry without governmental regulation, their are now in place requirements to certify fish farm products. Development and production are now carried out in close cooperation with the classification authorities.

Based upon customer requirements new products are continuously being developed. Cages are connected by using hinges and/or flexible couplings depending on location requirements.

Mosterfarm AS
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