MTI Technology AS

MTI TECHNOLOGY AS was established in 2012.

This was as a result of a new patent.
“Container for use as water weight and potentially for the storage and transportation of liquids, and uses thereof.”
The patent was awarded to MTI in October 2010.

Prototypes have been developed and tested in partnership with:
Maritim Engineering AS
Mundal Subsea
Seilmaker Iversen AS

Based on experience gained over 25 years of operations at Mongstad Test og Inspeksjon AS, we see huge potential for this product in a market we already know well. Water weights have a wide range of applications in connection with testing cranes and lifting equipment at onshore and offshore installations, as well as in the maritime sector, in underground facilities, and in lift shafts.


MTI2The unique aspect of this product, which is to be marketed under the name of “Bag In Box”, is that it consists of a flexible cylinder-shaped container with a fixed top and bottom. This means that it is possible to achieve the same weight / load as other known weights on the market, but with just half the building height, which is often a major challenge at offshore installations and on ships. In addition, Bag In Box packs itself after use and is highly resistant to damage in transit. Bag In Box can be connected in parallel or in series.

In order to cover a wider spectrum as required by the market, MTI Technology also offers conventional water weights, soldered from metal and concrete, as well as various lifting equipment. In this respect we can supply for tonnages of over 100T. In order to verify the weight during a trial lift, a load cells or load shackles are also supplied where necessary. We have equipped most load cells and shackles with logging systems that can be connected to a PC to provide measurement outputs in Excel (graph or decimal).

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