Munters Euroform GmbH

Your partner for Marine Emission Gas Cleaning and Marine and Offshore Air intakes


Calm seas?…Not likely!

Munters_Europe2Seawater, rain, snow, ice, salt and even sand are boarding your ship via the air intakes and are at risk of spreading through the whole ship via the ventilation ducts causing mould and corrosion.

Munters has the answer: air intake systems, unequalled in performance, optimized over years of research and development for the harshest of marine environments. Our solutions have the added bonuses of higher separation efficiency, longer filter lifetime, lower sound levels and reduced weight when compared to conventional louvers.

Mist eliminators can be used on all types of air intakes including HVAC, engine and close to the waterline and the profiles can also be heated for cold climates. Munters’ droplet separators and mist elimination systems are tailor made and ready to install, where and when you want them.

Munters’ mist eliminators are also key components in modern exhaust gas cleaning systems. With more than 50 years of experience and more than  1500 exhaust gas cleaning scrubber installations worldwide, we have knowledge to help you meet tough environmental requirements.


Munters offers a full spectrum of mist eliminators and droplet separators – from moderate, high and very high protection levels. Protect the environment and your investment in equipment and people!


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