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MYoroface AB is a Med Tech company that is headquartered in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and has a sales office in Gothenburg. MYoroface is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of IQoro® for treatment of swallowing and snoring problems. The company launched the product in the Swedish market during summer 2014 and are now selling directly to private customers as well as to private care holders and county councils in Sweden.

Every year approximately 275 million people in developed countries see doctors or look for self-medication to deal with swallowing and snoring problems.

The product IQoro®
IQoro® replaces surgery, spares patients unnecessary suffering and shortens the period of care by permitting training at home. According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, effective treatment for eating and swallowing difficulties can generate annual savings of SEK 1 billion in Sweden alone. Independent estimates have found that treatment with IQoro® saves at least SEK 50,000 per stroke patient simply in terms of reducing periods of care and amounts of medication. Both patients and the public sector as a whole save an enormous amount of money.

Swallowing difficulties
Swallowing difficulties can arise both in early childhood and among the elderly. A total of 10% of otherwise healthy population have hacking cough, lump in the throat feeling, swallowing difficulties, acid reflux/vomiting and pain—which is collectively referred to as oesophageal dysphagia. Despite extensive research, the medical profession is largely lacking in knowledge about what causes these symptoms. Many patients are misdiagnosed and shuttled back and forth from one healthcare professional to another. The symptoms, which may come and go, stem from a diaphragmatic hernia, which causes the stomach to slide up in the thoracic cavity where the cardia does not shut fully. The contents of the stomach are expelled upwards and spill over in the airways, causing hacking cough, frothy saliva and pain. Meanwhile, the cardia does not function properly but causes lump in the throat feeling, making it more difficult to start swallowing.

Up to 50% of people who have diseases such as stroke develop swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). Dysphagia as a result of stroke impairs muscle function in the face, mouth and throat, leading to difficulty swallowing, particularly liquids. Studies show that up to 71% of patients recover normal swallowing capacity and 97% improve after treatment with IQoro®.

IQoro® – simple but smart
Speech and swallowing problems, drooling or difficulty closing the mouth can also develop as the result of congenital disabilities such as cerebral palsy, cleft palate and Down’s syndrome. Other causes may be diseases such as cancer or brain damage due to external trauma from accidents, as well as neurological disorders, including muscular sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Because breathing, speaking, eating and swallowing use the same muscles and neural pathways, though in different manners, IQoro® is effective with a number of individual symptoms. The product and associated treatment method activate the body’s programmed systems from the mouth to the brain through the upper airways, oesophagus and stomach, stimulating a natural chain of neural and muscular responses. The product is effective and easy to use while requiring only 1.5 minutes of training per day.

In addition to swallowing difficulties and mechanical problems in the oesophagus, clinical trials have shown that people who have snoring issues and symptoms of sleep apnoea can achieve good results with IQoro®. Studies have found that the product strengthens and increases the elasticity of the upper airways, preventing them from collapsing and causing respiratory arrest.

Swedish research
IQoro® is a CE marked and patented Swedish product and treatment whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. In collaboration with Uppsala and Umeå University Hospitals, Mary Hägg— M.D., dentist and specialist in orofacial medicine – has conducted research for the past 20 years.

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