Marine environment
There is a strong and sincere focus on the marine environment in the shipping business today. Several new technologies have been developed to help protect the marine environment from different aspects of pollution.

We believe in the advancement of clean technology and its role as solution for many environmental problems without losing the benefits of a modern society. Knowledge of marine biology is necessary in both defining the environmental risks as well as finding ways to eliminate the same risks.

Ballast Water
We offer a shore based test facility for prototype and full scale tests of BWMS. We conduct tests according to the IMO Ballast Water Convention on systems using active systems (G9) or physical methods (G8). N-research can conduct all required analyses and ecotoxicological tests needed for such tests as well as efficacy tests onboard ships. We offer fast start up and flexible projects according to your needs.

Oily water and bilge water
We offer a functional test facility for tests of bilge water separators according to MEPC 107 (49).

Sludge and Sewage
Performance tests for sewage treatment plants can be conducted according to MEPC 159 (55).

We conduct field and laboratory tests regarding efficacy and life-time of marine antifouling paints.

The company N-research
N-research is an independent marine technical and biological consultancy company. Since 2003 we have specialized in marine environmental technologies. We are proud to combine our marine biological, technical and chemical expertise with our customers’ technical and commercial projects.

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