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The brain is our most complex organ. It is a great challenge for scientists to reveal the mechanisms that underlie learning, memory, attention, emotions and consciousness, and a complex task to find the secrets behind neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. There is, however, every reason to believe that the massive research efforts going on across the world will give us new ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure these diseases in the coming years.

We are already well on our way. An impressive amount of innovative medicines and diagnostics are currently being examined and developed in the biotech and pharma industry. Many of these agents have novel mechanisms of action and offer great hope for better treatment of diseases related to the brain and the central nervous system.


Nansen Neuroscience Network
Nansen Neuroscience Network is a network organization established to facilitate the translation of research into innovation. We build bridges between academia and industry to help neuroscience research make a true difference for patients. Our members represent the whole value chain, from basal research to innovative pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

For academia, we offer new opportunities to meet and partner with the right companies, and the network and knowledge needed to move innovation forward. For the industry, we provide exciting opportunities for research collaborations, clinical trials, and business partnerships. We also cooperate with investors and governmental bodies to help our members access funding for their research and development projects.

Nansen Neuroscience Network currently have specific projects running on brain imaging, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia. We do, however, liaison with researchers and companies across technologies, research interests, and areas of application.

Neuroscience in Norway
Nansen Neuroscience Network has its origin at the Universities of Oslo and Trondheim, Norway. Our offices are located in the Oslo Science Park. Neuroscience is one of the strongest fields of Norwegian research. Through a series of major governmental programs, Norway has built great infrastructure and a strong knowledge base in neuroscience. Our best neuroscientists are considered among the best in the world. As a partner in international neuroscience research and development, Norway can also offer unique and accessible health registries and biobanks, good facilities for clinical trials, professional and well-established CROs, and an R&D model that is well suited for delivering the pharmaceuticals of the future. Through the way the Norwegian healthcare system is organized, it offers unique opportunities for research and development.
Nansen Neuroscience Network is named after Fridtjof Nansen, the founder of Norwegian neuroscience and a true explorer. From his base in Norway, he explored some of the most challenging areas of the world. In his spirit, we want to help those exploring the most challenging – and rewarding – areas of science.

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nansen neuroscience network


“We see the great challenges in neuroscience as an opportunity. We believe that academia and industry working together will help unlock the great mysteries of the brain and provide new tools to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure brain diseases.”

Leif Rune Skymoen
CEO, Nansen Neuroscience Network

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