Narvik Composite AS

Rollers in composite are adapted to high belt speed with high tonnage. This gives light, strong and robust rollers with a longer lifetime than traditional rollers. The composite roller represents a 50- 80% weight reduction compared toequivalent steel rollers.

Carrying rollers
Narvik Composite rollersThe special construction in Narvik Composite’s carrying rollers lets the operator run the conveyor belt even if the composite roller stops. The roller will function as a “glide bar”. This function prevents uncessary stoppages and the roller is changed at the next planned service stop giving the operator continious operation.

Up to 50% weight reduction makes replacing rollers quicker and easier.

Return rollers
Narvik Composite’s return rollers are developed and tailormade for the challenging conditions that are found in the mining industry in Scandinavia. Return rollers in composite give a weight reduction of up to 80% compared to equivalent steel rollers. This giving an enormous advantage when replacing rollers, in both time and resources.

The construction of the return rollers in composite coated with a wearing layer of Polyurethane makes the roller not only light in weight, but also extremely durable and robust.

Reference deliveries
The rollers from Narvik Composite have been developed and qualified in close cooperation with LKAB and Boliden. For several years the rollers have been in operation under tough climate conditions in Norway and Sweden for these companies.

Our philosophy is through close collaboration with demanding customers we manufacture new composite products for the future!

Narvik Composite AS
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