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Undergraduate Mining Engineering Program in Narvik University College
Minerals are important for man since the Stone Age. Supply of mineral products is the crucial basic for the modern societies. Nowadays, the demand for minerals is higher than ever before and it continues to rise as man attempts to improve his/her standard of living. It is the task of mineral industries to supply these needs continuously, environmental friendly and also with reasonable prices. The duty of mining engineer is to implement the scientific theories and engineering fundamentals to extract natural resources.

Since the north of Norway has great and invaluable deposits and ores of minerals, Narvik University College has recently initiated the first modern bachelor level mining engineering study program in Norway. The study program attempts to instruct and supply mining engineers for Norwegian and international mineral industries.

Mining engineering is a unique profession, which requires knowledge about activities of extracting valuable minerals and products from the earth’s crust. It is one of the oldest engineering professions. Mining is an activity involving the extraction of non-metallics, metal ores and solid energy sources. In addition to mineral industries, the mining engineers could contribute in a variety of fields where the earth’s crust is utilized, such as the construction of tunnels, underground chambers, and underground hazardous waste disposals.

The importance of environmental friendly mining activities is recognized and received significant attention in the study program. At Narvik University College, mining students study the principles and techniques of mineral exploration, underground and surface mining, rock mechanics as well as, mineral processing technologies. Studies include rock mechanics, rock cutting, drill and blasting in rocks, mine design, mine ventilation, water drainage in mines, surveying, valuation, mineral law, mine safety and mineral processing. The graduates of mining engineering are competent for engineering and supervision positions. The program leads to the degree Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering.

In addition, the program attempts to equip the graduates with:
• A solid knowledge in the basic sciences (mathematics, physics, geology and chemistry) and engineering fundamentals (solid and fluid mechanics, engineering economy, engineering design and est.)
• Principles of underground and surface structures construction in rocks
• Ability to solve mining related problems
• Capability for team work
• Ambition for continuing education, analysis and creativity

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