Nautronix is an international rapidly growing, dynamic, technology driven company with vast experience in underwater acoustic systems; specialising in through water communications and positioning technology for the offshore industry.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, with sales offices in Houston and Rio de Janeiro, we provide a highly responsive, and effective product and service delivery, offering 24/7 support to customers globally.

At the core of our technology is our unique ADS² (Acoustic Digital Spread Spectrum) signalling. ADS² is based on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSS) coding techniques used above water for positioning and communication such as GPS, digital phones and other wireless technologies. By altering the coding, transmission and algorithms Nautronix has succeeded in optimising this technology for the underwater environment.

Since 2000 we have invested over £14 million in the research and development of ADS² and annually commit further funding to develop applications for the offshore market. As a result Nautronix continues to be a global leader in the provision of Marine Technology Solutions to the industry, developing ADS² to meet market and individual customer project requirements.

We continue to grow and develop our workforce, product portfolio and infrastructure. This includes a state of the art training and testing facility in Aberdeen and the strengthening of our links to academic research institutes to enable the continued development of cutting edge technologies.

Our portfolio of products includes:

NASNet® (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Network,
Broadcast Long Baseline system providing widearea,
multi-user subsea positioning)
NASNet® DPR (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Network
Dynamic Positioning Reference System)

Wireless Controls
NASMUX (Acoustic Subsea Multiplex Control System)
NASeBOP (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea emergency
Blow Out Preventer)
NASBOP (Nautronix Acoustic Blow Out Preventer)
EBOP (Emergency Blow Out Preventer)

Vessel Systems
NASDrill RS925 / NASDrill USBL (Nautronix Acoustic
Subsea Drilling)
NASPos (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Positioning)
Diver Communication – Helium Speech
Unscramblers: (A full frequency domain algorithm,
which completely models the effects of the highpressure
helium environment on the vocal tract.)
Pig Tracking

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