Navigationsteknik AB


Navigationsteknik AB markets products and services for fairway markings like beacon and buoy lights, lighthouses, ice buoys and cardinal markers, mooring buoys, buoy batteries, and mooring systems.
We are foremost aimed twoards

  • Harbours, authorities and contractors
  • Ship harbours and marinas
  • Offshore wind/wavepower
  • Fish and musselfarms

Navigationsteknik AB knows marine infrastructure and offer the entire line from services to maintenance for existing installations and new constructions, everything from consultation to installation. In our wide range of quality products You will find everything from small spar bouys to complete lighthouse and monitoring systems.

Seaflex – The Bouy Mooring System
Seaflex Buoy Mooring offers an unsurpassed mooring system for buoys, it is designed to withstand the worst imaginable weather. We offer a buoy mooring system with low life cycle cost and low requirements for maintenance. SEAFLEX Buoy Mooring comes with an guarantied five year maintenance cycle.

A Seaflex Buoy Mooring is always under tension and keeps the buoy in its optimal position independent of the sea level. This leads to a increased security in narrow passages and inside harbors

Seaflex Buoy Mooring durable components does not release any pollutants into the marine ecosystem. It has no contact with the seabed which eliminates the problem with dead spots around the anchor stone.

Navigationsteknik AB
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