Navitas Network

What is Navitas Network?
Navitas Network is a nationwide supplier network within the petroleum and energy industry in Norway. The network is organized as a member organization and more than 300 companies have subscribed as members. Navitas Network has signed cooperation agreements with several operators, developers and energy companies, in addition to important organizations such as Norsk Industri, Achilles, Norwea, Innovasjon Norge, etc. Navitas Network is a non-political organization.

What do we do?
Navitas Network has four focus areas;

  1. Communicate relevant information
  2. Organize effective meeting places
  3. Arrange and pass on information regarding adequate competence acquired
  4. Represent a neutral competition arena

Navitas Networks main focus is to communicate information about contracts from operators and main contractors, general information about the industries, in addition to specific project information such as procurement plans and requirements specification from the operators and developers, for example HSE and qualification standards needed. Our website is an important arena for communication of information and we also send newsletters to our members every week. Navitas Network arranges meetings and seminars on relevant topics together with our various partners. The meeting places represent an arena for cooperation and alliances, as well as transfer of competence and information.

Navitas Network is an independent organization working for transparency in the market. Navitas Network contributes to ensure that its member companies are positioned to win acquire contracts. The purpose in general is to ensure that all necessary information regarding business opportunities and demands related, is made available to the market.



Subscribe for membership
Navitas Network is open for all companies to become members. As a member of Navitas Network, you will strengthen your position and increase your possibilities.

For further information, please visit our website or contact us by phone/ e-mail.

Navitas Network
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