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Established in 1913, NEK Kabel has more than 100 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying cables for a wide range of application.This enables NEK Kabel to operate in the most demanding international markets for both standard and tailor made cable.

Along the years, NEK Kabel has restlessly developed a series of communication cables for the Marine, Oil and Gas industries.  Nowadays  the company offers the most comprehensive range of DNV and soon also ABS approved cables.  These include LAN- and Buscables, coaxial- and RS cables, Fiber and custom made cables.  The company takes pride in being flexible, with short delivery and low quantity for production.
The approved cables are made according to the highest degrees for fire retardancy, and are also available with armour and  mud resistant outer jackets according to NEK 606.

The company  is also the supplier of cable for extreme environments,  and meet the requirements for:
– Arctic Grade Cables with – 65 degrees Celcius
– Cables for High Temperature and Fire Resistancy
– Cables for Underwater and Subsea application

NEK Kabel is today present with companies in Norway, Finland and Asia Pacific, and with a growing global network of representatives, agents and distributors, granting support and availability of cables right were the customers are.

nek kabel

NEK Kabel AS
Luhrtoppen 2, P.O. Box 186, NO-1470 Lørenskog
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