Nidelv Båtbyggeri AS

When Nils Nilsen started building Nidelv boats in 1929 he already had 18 years of experience as a boat builder. A love of the trade and the need for development resulted in the establishment of Nidelv båtbyggeri (the Nidelv boat-yard). To start with the boatyard’s customers consisted mainly of ship’s officers from the Arendal district.

Nidelv’ pleasure boat provided them with an opportunity to engage in popular recreation activities during their long holidays. It also gave them status in the town’s maritime circles. The excellent craftsmanship and quality of Nidelv’s boats soon put them in a class of their own, and as Nidelv’s reputation grew, so did demand throughout the whole of southern Norway.

In 1966 the Nidelv boatyard tested out those modern materials which were available at the time; glass fibre reinforced polyester. Two years later the Nidelv 24 was launched. This boat is the greatest of Norwegian pleasure craft.

Nidelv’s business is actually based on an ability to combine new knowledge about materials, technical developments and market conditions with the deliberate development of established craft traditions. Therefore the quality of the boatyard’s exclusive handicrafts and the genuine materials used are still the same as they were when Nidelv acquired its good reputation. That is why the owners of Nidelv boats always place a special value on them.



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