NIMGenetics is a privately owned Spanish biomedical company specializing in the design and commercialization of products and services for clinical genetic diagnosis. Established in 2008, the company provides state of the art genetic testing services with proprietary microarray CGH designs and the most advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology available across prenatal, postnatal (neurology), oncology, and stem cells disciplines.

NIMGenetics was promoted by a group of researchers from Spanish Research Centers: Dr. Enrique Samper, President and CEO, PhD in Molecular Biology, has experience of 14+ years in Molecular Cytogenetics and Stem Cells and has received training in entrepreneurship in ESADE, IESE and IE business schools; Dr. Juan Cruz Cigudosa, CSO, PhD in Biological Sciences and specialist in Human Genetics, has experience of 20+ years in Human Cytogenetics and is President of the Spanish Association of Human Genetics, President-elected of the International Society of Cellular Oncology and member of the Board of Directors of the European Cytogenetics Association; Dr. Sara Álvarez, CMO, Medical Doctor specializing in Hematology and Hemotherapy, is member of the Evaluation Panel of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, has experience of 12+ years in Chromosomic Disorders and Human Genetics.

NIMGenetics has a professional scientific and medical multidisciplinary and innovative team with a proven track record in applying new genomic technologies to medicine and research, and a solid experience in analysis and interpretation of genomic data. The company also has an Advisory Board, including Dr. Mariano Barbacid, among others.

Since 2008, NIMGenetics has gained the recognition in the sector. We fulfill our commitments with health specialists, patients and companies, with whom we develop strategic alliances by building long-term links. That`s why NIMGenetics is the only Certified Service Provider of Agilent Technologies (array CGH) and Life Technologies (EXOME sequencing) corporations in Spain. And also shares a commercialization agreement with the multinational Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) for non-invasive screening of prenatal trisomies in maternal blood since 2012. NIMGenetics has been won three main awards for its development and innovation: Banespyme Orange- IE (2010), Emprendedor XXI-Caixa-ENISA (2011), and Venture day-IE (2012), as the most innovative SME in Spain.   

The company provides quality to our products, services and processes through policies of continuous improvement. NIMGenetics has been accredited since 2008 as “Analytical Diagnostics Centre with Genetic Unit” by the Community of Madrid’s Health Department and is certified yearly by the Cytogenetics European Quality Association since 2010. In addition the company is being certified and accredited with ISO 9001 and 15189, respectively.

The company applies a constant innovation model in product design and market development to increase the global competitiveness of its diagnostic services thus adding value to the shareholders equity. We compete through innovation in product development, market access, know-how marketshare and quality of service. The cash flow generated through the service is used to generate better and more competitive products to be marketed internationally after being tested in the Spanish market.

During the first six years of operations NIMGenetics founders and partners have invested in research, development and commercialization in different specialization areas:

1. Gynecology: We focused principally on prenatal genetic diagnostics and oncologic gynecology (breast and ovary cancer), using arrayCGH, Next Generation Sequencing and conventional cytogenetics.
On prenatal genetic diagnostics area we have developed two main tests:
    • KaryoNIM Prenatal®. Conducted using Array CGH platform to detect gain or loss of genomic regions responsible for 124 genetic disorders
    • Triso-NIM®. Non-invasive prenatal screening test which detects Fetal Trisomies of Chromosomes 21, 18 and 13 in maternal blood, responsible for the Down,
      Edwards and Patau Syndromes.
On oncologic gynecology the tests are:
    • OncoNIM®Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Analyses in one single test, any genetic alteration implying a loss or gain of genetic material which affects the
      7 genes known to predispose to familial breast and ovarian cancer.
    • OncoNIM®Seq BRCA1/BRCA2. Identifies in one single test based on NGS, mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA 2.

2. Pediatrics: Pediatrics has a close relationship with genetics in the fields of neonatology, dysmorphia and neuropediatrics, among others. There are several national and international working guidelines (American College of Medical Genetics, European Cytogenetics Association, Roche Institute) that recommend the use of arrayCGH as first-tier genetic diagnostic tests for these patients. NIMGenetics offers the following approaches to genetic pediatric study:
    • KaryoNIM® 60K. Conducted using array CGH platform to detect the presence or absence of genetic alterations responsible for the 160 most
      common postnatal genetic syndromes associated with mental retardation and polymalformative syndromes.
    • KaryoNIM® 180K Autism. Uses array CGH platform to detect CNV changes that confer sensitivity to autism for 115 genes as well as those
      described in the KaryoNIM® 60K Postnatal product.
    • KaryoNIM® UPD 180K. It covers the 500 genomic regions described and accepted by the ISCA consortium, and detects the presence of
      regions with loss of heterozycocity due to uniparental disomy (UPD).
    • EXONIM®. Uses ION PROTON technology to sequence the entire Exome  (full complement of genes) in Trios of patients and progenitors
      suspected of having a variety of genetic syndromes in unprecedented speed and accuracy.

3. Oncology: We cover familial cancer and general cancer.
On familial cancer, NIMGenetics has developed the following tests:
    • OncoNIM® Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Mentioned above.
    • OncoNIM® Familial Colon Cancer. Analyses the 17 genes known to predispose to the development of familial colon cancer.
    • OncoNIM® Familial Neuroendocrine Cancer. The most frequent recommendation is to carry out a genetic study of great deletions for familial           
      neuroendocrine cancer in 8 selected genes.
    • OncoNIM® Familial Cancer. Detects simultaneously genetic alterations over the entire genome of the patient, with special resolution for the 30 genes known to
      predispose to breast, ovary, colon and neuroendocrine cancer.
    • OncoNIM®Seq BRCA1/BRCA2. Mentioned above.
On General Cancer we have:
    • OncoNIM®Seq50. Based on NGS is designed to detect in biological tumor samples the most frequent mutations among a total of 50 oncogenes and tumor
      supressors. It is specially (but not exclusively) recommended for genetic studies of malignant melanoma, pancreas, gastric and colorectal cancer, lung cancer,
      breast, ovary and endometrium cancer, acute leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative lymphomas.
    • OncoNIM®Seq409. Genetic diagnostic system based on NGS for sequencing and identifying mutations that contribute to the establishment of biomarkers of
      genetic origin in tumor samples, across 400 cancer-related genes.

NIMGenetics considers the presence in foreign markets as a strategic cornerstone. This is the reason why we started our international expansion in 2012. The company has enhanced its reach to 240+ diagnostic centers, clinics and hospitals across Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Latin America and India. For the purpose of entering the Latin American market, NIMGenetics has created this year DNA Alliance, the first Spanish biotechnological consortium, jointly with IMEGEN, a biotechnological company of recognized prestige and solvency in human genetic. And also, in 2013 signed a mandate with the company Strategic Karma, searching for Joint Venture opportunities for expansion in India.

In the field of genomic research on diseases that have social and economic impact, research and development is punctuated by rapid scientific and technological breakthroughs. NIMGenetics continuously evaluates new technologies, to identify and develop those which can be used to design new diagnostic tests whilst, at the same time, improving the existing tests.

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