Dredging of sediment
  Dredging of sediment
  Sampling vessel at Falkenberg
  Sampling vessel at Falkenberg
  Blackwater sampling from vessel
  Blackwater sampling from vessel
  Snow dumping in harbour area
  Snow dumping in harbour area

NIRAS is, with its approx. 1,300 employees, one of Northern Europe’s leading consulting enterprises for property, infrastructure and the environment with employees in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia and Norway. In Sweden, NIRAS has approx. 150 employees at seven locations: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Norrköping, Linköping, Uppsala and Umeå. NIRAS has a turnover of well over EUR 120 million. The business concept for NIRAS in Sweden is to create sustainable profitability by offering world-class consulting services for properties, premises, social structures, the environment and climate, as well as international development work. Within our Environment and Climate business area, the aquatic environment and the harbours around our coastline comprise an important area of focus.

All environmental assignments in the aquatic and harbour environment are unique, however certain sets of issues are recurrent:
• Dredging of clean and unpolluted sediment
• Turbidity
• Management of clean and unpolluted sediment
• Receiving of grey- and blackwater
• Surface water and snow management
• Sample extraction and analysis

Recurrent sets of issues, but with different conditions depending upon:
• Scope of the activities
• Requirements of governmental authorities
• Opposing and co-operating interests
• Site-specific conditions
• Recipient’s sensitivity and status

Our trademark is to create solutions addressing the overall essence of the situation and the recipe for our success is that:
We listen, which involves us starting with the needs of our customers and making the effort to identify a customer’s specific problems, challenges and visions.
We learn. We are open in our attitude and stay in a close dialogue with the customer. We are constantly attempting to improve and develop our methods, tools and technical solutions.
We deliver. We seek out functional solutions for on-time delivery at the agreed price, as well as providing our customers with the best value for their budgets.

The products and services that NIRAS offers are:
• Complete Environmental Impact Assessments, including underlying data
• Risk assessment of sediment
• Geochemical characterisation and modelling
• Remote and 3D analysis
• Investigation of dumping areas
• Base line studies
• Environmental controls
• Evaluation of treatment alternatives
• Contacts with authorities


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