Nissens A/S

Nissens_01For more than 90 years, Nissens Cooling Solutions has built considerable knowledge of the growing needs of market leading customers in a number of industries and applications. With unique R&D and design capabilities as well as a wide range of pre-engineered standard cooling components, cooling modules and cooling systems or fully customized cooling solutions, Nissens Cooling Solutions is currently recognized as the preferred global manufacturer of products for water and oil cooling of demanding oil, gas and marine applications, including gensets, generators, gears and powerpacks.

+25 Years of Experience from the offshore Industry:
Reliability & high Performance
Since the 1980s, Nissens Cooling Solutions has supplied customized cooling solutions for the growing offshore industry segment. More than 90% of the world’s offshore wind farms are currently supplied with a cooling component or cooling module from Nissens Cooling Solutions.

The request for reliability of the products used in offshore applications translates into a requirement for zero downtime due to the costs and time waste connected with offshore repairs and replacements. Nissens Cooling Solutions integrates the request for reliability into the design of every customized cooling solution by developing cooling products with a design life time of +25 years and targeted for operation 24/7 in offshore applications.

The focus on high performance is very pronounced in offshore applications, and Nissens Cooling Solutions offers specially designed cooling products to meet the specified heat transfer requirements for oil, gas and marine applications. The customization of the product may involve the development of unique fin designs, special material choices and tailored coating solutions.

Meeting the Challenges of the offshore Industry:
Corrosion Protection & ATEX Compliance
The oil, gas and marine industry segments face the demanding challenges of corrosion attacks and exposure to potentially explosive environments that are characteristic for a majority of all offshore applications.

Nissens Cooling Solutions designs and manufactures every offshore cooling product with a special consideration for the potentially damaging corrosive environment that the offshore applications operate in.
The corrosion protection offered by Nissens Cooling Solutions is equivalent to corrosivity category C5.

Products from Nissens Cooling Solutions can be supplied in compliance with the ATEX directives on protection in potentially explosive environments