Nitro Consult AB

Nitro Consult is Europe’s largest and most comprehensive blasting consultancy and associated service provider. Descended from Nitro Nobel and now part of Orica, we have around 70 specialists covering all aspects of blasting in civil-engineering, mining, construction and demolition. With our main office in Stockholm, Sweden, and several branch offices around the country, we are the first point of reference for any organization wishing to use the power and economy of explosives to excavate rock productively yet sensitively with regard to the surrounding geological, structural, ecological, hydrological and botanical environments. Similarly, we offer expert advice on tunneling and on the housing of infrastructure and other important facilities in rock.

With special expertise in cautious blasting, inner-city rock excavation and blast-measuring and control technology, we offer skilful assistance in the following areas:

• Geology and Geotechnics
• Technical Blast Consulting
• Rock Facility Design and Planning
• Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis
• Special Blasts in any Environment
• Environmental Pre-Studies & Controls
• Structural Surveys & Follow-up
• Vibration Measurement and Control  by NCVIB
• Drawings & Construction Documentation
• Permissions & Regulatory Compliance
• Construction Management
• Representation & Third-party Liaison


From a legal point of view, most of the above are extremely important parts of any construction project in rock and ground. To establish the necessary safe limits, facilitate compliance and ensure the smoothest possible advancement of your project, we offer these and other related services to developers, project promoters and contractors alike. Similarly, we offer assistance to the public and private owners of buildings, homes, offices, sensitive installations and other infrastructure. Using state-of-the-art methods, equipment and proprietary techniques to cap, measure, control,
monitor, analyse and report all significant values related to blasting, Nitro Consult is the leading facilitator of development through controlled blasting, optimal coordination, maximal worksite and environmental safety, carefully calculated loss avoidance and minimal disturbance. NCVIB is a Web-based system designed to make the results of vibration measurements more useable. The system registers vibrations and airborne shock-waves and presents the measured results together with other interesting parameters such as temperature, noise, stresses and groundwater levels.
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