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Nofas AS

Nofas Management is a leading advisor and a trusted partner in achieving maximum external financing for cost-intensive research, innovation and technology development projects.

Nofas Management has a strong professional environment that steers you safely through your most demanding projects. We work with a broad range of industries and technological areas. When developing new products and business areas, Nofas Management is a committed partner in the following areas:

  • R&D-based business development
  • Financing of R&D projects

Financing of R&D projects
Long term competitive advantage requires continuous investment in innovation and development of new improved products and services. We help our clients design, manage and realize their R&D projects and achieve maximum public and private funding for these.

Nofas AS

There are numerous public financing programmes targeting R&D-projects, but it requires dedication, deep know-how and expertise to be successful in this arena. Nofas Management has extensive experience with a broad range of financing schemes and is a leading advisor in this area. We want to be your preferred partner in bidding for external financing for your R&Doperations, including programmes run by EU, The Research council of Norway, Innovation Norway and likes.

Our fee is success-based
Our commitment to our clients is proven through operating with success-based fees for our work, where we only charge for our services when external finances have been approved. This means a significant risk reduction for our clients and ensures a platform where we work together towards a common goal.

Nofas AS

Nofas Management guides you through the process
We review and deep-dive into current projects in your portfolio, qualify them up against relevant sources of finances and lead you through the application processes.

We take the main responsibility for the application process and help you prepare a crisp, clear and optimal application to obtain external financing, often entailing in the following subprocesses:

  • Create an outstanding description of main goal and secondary goals
  • Define and describe key challenges and activities of the research in a way that triggers excitement
  • Define project milestones and develop implementation plans in a structured manner
  • Review the project’s budget details to ensure quality
  • Help you identify potential research and business partners
  • Handle annual follow-ups and reporting of approved applications

We can offer you a trusted partnership in making your research and innovation happen, through a highly competent and wide-ranging professional environment.

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