Going Underground?
We know HOW and WHY


Norconsult is a multidisciplinary engineering and design consultancy, providing services to clients in public and private sectors worldwide. The company has designed constructions and facilities in rock for more than 80 years.

Our special advisors can offer a complete range of engineering services from concept/feasibility studies through detailed design and construction, including planning and follow up of ground investigations and site supervision during construction.


Assembly of the gripper TBM that will excavate the new Ulriken tunnel between Arna and Bergen, Western Norway.

Among our special fields of expertise within rock construction are:
• Hydropower development
• Subsea tunnelling and lake taps
• Oil and gas underground storages
• Groundwater control and grouting technology
• Rock cuts and slope engineering
• Blasting techniques, vibration monitoring
• TBM excavation
• Rock stability assessments and reinforcement techniques
• Analytical and numerical analyses


Norconsult is planning the record breaking 27 Km long and 400 m deep Rogfast road subsea tunnel in Western Norway.


Vestfjordgaten 4, 1338 Sandvika, Norway
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