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Nord-Lock ASThe Nord-Lock Group has been manufacturing safe and secure bolting solutions since 1982. Our products secure the toughest application challenges in the world and our expertise helps optimize design and maintenance procedures. Working with Nord-Lock gives an extra safety barrier for Oil & Gas operators.

Our extensive experience and track record with providing quality products, has made us experts in the field of bolting. Our customers are many and varied, and each has their own unique applications and challenges. Through close cooperation and with full attention to your demands, we are able to design solutions that suit your individual needs.

From wedge-locking solutions to Superbolt® multijackbolt tensioners, the Nord-Lock Group has developed technologies that are able to meet the demanding bolting applications of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

As industries develop and demand grows, our product range has expanded accordingly. Our combined experience and ability to design customer specific solutions, enables us to meet your toughest challenges.

We believe that the foundation of development lies in cooperation and partnership. In addition to our bolt securing solutions, we offer our expertise and testing facilities. By working together, we can help you lower your costs, reach higher profitability, and reduce downtime.

When you’re many miles from the nearest coast, safety comes first.

Visiting an oil rig for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. After landing by helicopter, you see nothing but endless ocean in all directions. You’re exposed to the sound of heavy machinery pounding through your daily routines. Strong winds threaten to pull you over the edge, and the smell of diesel is everywhere. Helmets, earplugs, eye protection, and steel-toed boots are all standard attire.

Drilling operations, by their very nature, expose crews to tremendous risk. With so many mechanical and hydraulic processes in operation, falling objects and malfunctions are hazards for even the most experienced staff members.

When working in such demanding conditions, safety is absolutely paramount. Cranes are swinging heavy objects across the deck; drills, pumps and shakers are in constant operation; and everything needs to be 100% reliable. At the same time, operations must be continuous. The pace needs to be fast and every minute of downtime is costly. Choosing the right bolting solution is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, Nord-Lock’s bolt securing systems suit all challenges and applications, and are not only safe and reliable, but also cost effective. This fact is confirmed by the thousands of Nord-Lock Group customers who depend on our products.

Open spread to find out how Nord-Lock can secure your offshore operations. Choosing the right bolting solution is of the utmost importance.

Products & Services
Our product range is based on several technologies, all designed and in-house. With our vast experience in applications ranging from space to deep-sea explorations, we can find the optimum solution to virtually any bolting challenge including huge sizes (M1450 / 57”)!

Wedge-locking solutions – Secures joints utilizing tension. Current range includes safety washers in various materials, combi bolts, and wheel nuts.

Superbolt tensioners – Utilizes multi-jackbolt tensioning. Our standard range includes nutstyle and bolt-style tensioners, with several other pre-engineered designs available.

Expansion bolting – Secures against shear loading and replaces traditional interference or force fit bolts. Available together with multi-jackbolt tensioning technology.

Custom designs – Over the years the Nord-Lock Group has adapted their products to meet a wide range of applications, and is always ready to custom design new solutions.

Nord-Lock’s product range extends to a wide variety of sizes, specifications, coatings and materials. A solution from us may also consist of a combination of technologies. If the products in our standard range do not meet your requirements, we are happy to work together with you to design a custom solution specifically for your needs.

Performance Services
In addition to providing effective bolt securing solutions, the Nord-Lock Group can further optimize your operations through our Performance Services.

By utilizing Nord-Lock Performance Services you can further increase your productivity and profitability. We can help solve a specific problem, or we can explore possible improvements to your current operations. Our global range of services includes various support features and tools throughout sourcing, design/production, and aftermarket.

We will ensure that you get the most cost effective solution, with maximum safety and correct product training.

Our product range is based on several technologies, all designed and in-house. With our vast experience in applications ranging from space to deep-sea explorations, we can find the optimum solution to virtually any bolting challenge including huge sizes (M1450 / 57”)!

Customer case studies – solutions for all operations Satisfied customers using products from the Nord-Lock Group include Shell, BP, Total, Transocean, Archerwell, Aker Solutions, NOV and Technip. Below are two application examples; more studies available through www.nord-lock. com/oil-gas.

When safety really matters
Joining parts together is one of the most critical steps when delivering a product or system. The Nord-Lock Group is focused on solving the toughest bolting challenges. We offer a unique combination of bolting expertise and a wide product range, including wedge-locking technology and Superbolt tensioners – all designed and developed in-house.

Nord-Lock holds decades of documented success in every major industry, including oil and gas, energy, transportation and mining. Our Production System includes rigorous internal testing and full traceability, and our products hold several certificates from independent institutes including AbP, ABS, DIBt, DNV and TÜV.

The tools available through Nord-Lock Performance Services add value throughout a project and ensure that your bolting application pays back multiple times. We can also assist you in the design phase with joint simulation and testing. Additionally, we help you ensure successful operations over time with our onsite support and remote product training.Our mission is to safeguard human lives and customer investments by securing the world’s most demanding applications. The Nord-Lock Group looks forward to being your partner in bolting solutions.

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