Nordhavn Marine & Offshore offers products, concepts and support for any type of diesel engine installation from start to finish. From large, complex total solutions to quick installation of spare parts – Nordhavn Marine & Offshore’s knowledge and know-how is based on more than 60 years of experience.


The company is a highly specialised supplier of diesel engines such as gensets, diesel generators, emergency power and emergency gensets and has over the years grown a wide customer base in the marine, industrial and offshore sectors.

Services cover the complete process of diesel installations from beginning to end, from projecting to the installation of large, complex applications. Nordhavn Marine & Offshore’s technicians and specialists are responsible for the design, installation and implementation of products, while the service team can handle any type of repair or maintenance job anywhere in the world, whether the engine or generator in question is a Nordhavn product or not.

ISO 9001 certified Nordhavn Marine & Offshore has the expertise, flexibility and commitment to work within the naval and offshore industries by customising products to suit customer requirements from design and installation to the efficient delivery of one single spare part. Each time a customised solution is required, the team sets out to understand what the customer is asking for and work out the best solution. The challenge is for all products to integrate with each other to ensure a successful end result.

With the diesel engine as the beating heart of the company, Danish owned Nordhavn Marine & Offshore has entered into partnerships with a number of global leading engine manufacturers and has the sole agency rights of Scania, Agco Power (Sisu), and JCB in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Several of these partnerships go back many years and in fact, Nordhavn Marine & Offshore has been in partnership with Scania since 1959.

Strategic plans for the future involve expansion within the offshore industry, and Nordhavn Marine & Offshore is looking at opportunities to expand their reach in the industry on a global scale.

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