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BioSiteHisto, a GLP-certified laboratory that is part of the Nordic BioSite corporation, operates in the fields of histology, immunohistochemistry and in vitro testing. The laboratory is well-equipped for histology with a high professional ability. In addition to routine histology processes, our laboratory is specialized in mastering demanding processes of immunohistochemistry.

Immunohistochemical analyses have a big role in today´s medical diagnostics, and BioSiteHisto is giving its contribution to this developing field. BioSiteHisto has a wide experience of antibodies for immunohistochemical markers in diagnostic and research use. We are continuously working with our own series of optimized antibodies, Optibodies™, and we are also offering these same optimization methods to our clients. The process of protocol optimization involves adjustment of pre-treatment methods, antibody dilution, incubation times, blocking and detection conditions. The process requires a wide professional experience and knowledge about optimal staining criteria, which is exactly what BioSiteHisto has to offer.

One of the main points when optimizing antibodies is selecting correct tissue controls, and therefore BioSiteHisto has a wide selection of controls in multi-tissue block form, which makes the process easier. Optimizations can be made either with paraffin embedded or cryosamples from different species. Double, triple or even quadruplet staining is possible, with visualization through either chromogenic or fluorescence development, or even mixed visualization readout. The possibilities are extensive, and the customers will have multiple choices.

Protocol optimization can be performed at two different levels depending on the customer´s needs. We can offer the client a full-service optimization with a concluding study report for the antibodies, and high-quality pictures for advertising. Both options include a polymer-based detection, but the other stages may vary.

A full-service antibody optimization involves three different pre-treatments, staining with various different dilutions, polymer-based detection and a finalized protocol and high-quality pictures. The full package optimization includes evaluation of the specificity and sensitivity of the antibody, as well as signal-to-noise ratio.

The simpler approach is a perfect option for advertising purposes when the aim is to create an optimized protocol and publication class pictures suitable for marketing. BioSiteHisto has excellent possibilities both for conventional microscope imaging and whole slide digital scanning, as well as image analysis and computer based quantifications.

The baseline for all studies performed in BioSiteHisto is high quality and deep knowledge of the processes of histology and in the field of immunohistochemistry.



Figure 1. E-Cadherin [BS38] stains ductal carcinoma cells with membranous staining pattern. For double staining purposes antibody was optimized using AP-polymer and permanent red detection instead of the HRP-polymer and DAB, which is used in routine. Permanent red is fluoro-chromogenic visualization reagent which is suitable for bright field or IF- microscopy.

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