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NCP was established as early as 1932, under the name of Romo Fabrikker. Up to the 1970s the company manufactured, among other things, filing cabinets and airplane and bus seats. In 1973 Nordic Products was established in Oslo, and up to the 90s the manufacture of chairs with appurtenant tables was based on the “Nordic plastic shell, designed by Bent Winge, which is still in production and sold in a number of 4 millions! The chairs and tables were produced in a variety of types, with steel and wooden legs. The most well-known today is the R-48 chair, which continues in production. In 1989 the company changed owners and moved to Hemnesberget in the county of Nordland, where it is located today.

Market – distribution
NCP manufactures quality furniture at competitive prices. It is important that the furniture is readily available in the market. This means that ability to deliver is essential. Short delivery time and efficient distribution are our cutting edges.

Our markets today are mainly schools, training and conference facilities, hotels, cafés and the office furniture market. Through our well-established dealer network , our products are available in densely populated areas and cities all over Norway. NCP do also have an encreasing export to the nordic countries.

The environment
Needless to say, NPC has also taken into consideration current environemntal requirements. Our laminated wood products are made from the rubber tree, which grows in the Far East, where the wood itself was a waste product. We process the wood – which was previously burned following the recovery of the raw rubber – and turn it into furniture. In addition, we use plastic and steel materials, which can be recycled.

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