Nordic Crane Group AS

With our long experience and expertise we plan and execute projects with a focus on safety and quality, mainly within the areas of construction and building, the petroleum industry and wind power.
Our employees have all necessary qualifications and we maintain equipment certification, so that our customers can rely on an effective and secure execution of all projects. We are very flexible, with more than 700 competent and motivated employees and 500 cranes and trucks located at about 30 places all along the coast, from Hammerfest in the north of Norway to Malmö in the south of Sweden. We have the local knowledge and copious resources for a rapid start to your lifting or transport assignments and other projects in Scandinavia.
No job is too big!

The construction sector has long been a foundation for the existence of the companies that comprise the Nordic Crane Group today. This sector is still a priority area for the group and we have solid local and regional customers throughout Norway and in Sweden. Cooperation with the Stangeland, Kynningsrud and Oslo groups generates many projects for the Nordic Crane Group. We have played a role in the assembly of many large and important construction and road projects over the years. In Oslo, the new Holmekollen ski jump and the Opera in Bjørvika, and building of the new bridge at Svinesund across the Norwegian-Swedish border are worth mentioning. Wherever a lift is required, with single or multiple cranes, we are ready!

We have many important customers within the industry sector – big and small. We perform all kinds of service for industry. We lift heavy constructions with as many cranes as needed and provide transport if necessary; we plan projects together with the customer and take the responsibility for both planning and executing the assignment. We have strong local knowledge and a good relationship with our many good customers in industry. We deliver to local partners within industry throughout all of Norway and Sweden. “Good services at all times” is our trademark.

Wind Power
Nordic Crane Wind AB is specialist in the lifting and mounting of wind power plants in Scandinavia, and have since 1983 mounted nearly half of all wind power plants in Sweden. A high level of competence and 25 years of experience with complex lifts and wind power installations ensure that our customers can rely on an effective and secure execution of their projects. Nordic Crane Wind AB has total of six machines for mounting wind power plants in Sweden, making it a leading company within its sector in Scandinavia. Nordic Crane Wind AB is part of the Nordic Crane Group which also comprises Nordic Crane Kynningsrud in Norway and Sweden, Nordic Crane Stangeland AS and Nordic Crane Oslo AS.

Nordic Crane Group has carried out construction and maintenance work for oil and gas industry in Norway and Sweden since the start of the Norwegian oil era. Nordic Crane Group has extensive experience of onshore petroleum facilities and offshore installations. The oil and gas industry is an important market for Nordic Crane Group.

Continuous maintenance and service work for oil companies at refineries is an important part of Nordic Crane Group`s business. Development projects for Norwegian and international oil and refinery companies are another important business area. Nordic Crane Group has more than 20 years’ experience in this field. Our cranes and personnel are in daily use at the refineries in Hammerfest, Aukra, Tjeldbergodden, Mongstad, Kollsnes and Kårstø among others. The group is also supplier to major development and maintenance projects and delivers a full range of services in the following fields: cranes, heavy lifts, transport and engineering.

In addition to lifting and transport deliveries at onshore petroleum facilities, offshore assignments for the oil industry are an important part of our business. Nordic Crane Group has extensive experience of mobile cranes on offshore installations on the Norwegian continental shelf through its subsidiary Nordic Crane Stangeland AS. The group also performs engineering and pre-engineering services in connection with work offshore. The oil and gas industry demands high safety standards. We therefore maintain continuous equipment certification and ensure that our employees have all necessary qualifications.