Nordic Pump Service AS

We are a company specializing in sales and maintenance of pumps, with emphasis on underwater pumps and motors, as well as high pressure pumps. Located at Killingøy, the company has a good base to receive commissions. We have excellent workshop facilities and a large outdoor area. We focus on businesses within power stations, municipal construction, water and sewage and industrial (both on and offshore).

Nordic Pump Service AS

Nordic Pump Service ASHigh expertise makes our company an important partner for both onshore and offshore industries.

Nordic Pump Service was started in 1996 by Jørn Gunther Kørber and currently has five employees in the workshop and office. The company works towards ISO 9001:2000 and places high demands on the products and services we provide. Together we have more than 50 years of experience.

With talented professionals, we have carried out projects both on- and offshore, and we have gained extensive experience in power plants, municipal construction, water, sewage and industry.

Nordic Pump Service has served to install and maintain seawater lifts, water injection and oil export pumps in a number of offshore installations. We have also performed the repair and inspection of major facilities in Angola, Gana, Iraq, China and Singapore. We have also been working closely together with Statoil, Hydro, Mobile BP and Talisman.

Nordic Pump Service repairs and overhauls pumps and valves, with emphasis on underwater and filtration units, and new development of underwater motors. We also have a separate test beach for a test drive of both dry-installed and underwater units.

Pumps for most purposes.
– We can supply complete systems.
– We supply a wide range of pumps, both underwater and dare arrayed pumps and vacuum pumps, low and high pressure pumps, horizontal and vertical.

We specialize in underwater pumps and electric submergeable motors, as well as high and low pressure pumps. We perform maintenance and repairs on pumps in power stations, drinking water and sewage stations. We have very good knowledge of pumps from KSB, Duchting, KKB, Kværner Eureka, Vogel, Worthington, Behren, Speck, Woma og Abs, but we will of course receive pumps from other manufacturers as well. In addition we recondition valves and is specialized in rørbruddssikrings valves (RBS).

We can provide advice and consultation regarding the selection of pumps, material depending on the media and other inquiries regarding the pumps and valves. We also offer finishing of pumps, and sale of products from Henkel and Loctite.

Contact us for prices. We provide services in Norway, and the rest of the world on assignment.

Nordic Pump Service AS
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