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NordicBiocube provides qualified expertise from many different areas in the pharmaceutical industry,
including big pharma, biotech, medical device and healthcare.

In the company  there is thorough experience developing local and global processes for biological material and from clinical studies.
Our expertise makes us particularly qualified to understand the business and its stakeholders’ challenges.
Our customers get access to the most cost efficient solutions and processes on the market that work globally and in various technological environments.

Optimize the potential of your biological material
– secure a future on the global market

Your company’s biological material is a priceless treasure.
It is a great source of knowledge and evidence for your research, both today and in the future.

Using the  material as an asset over time is a prerequisite for a safe and fast route to the global market.

NordicBiocube provides simple quality solutions

NordicBiocube has the knowledge and experience from the entire process, from small-scale to large and long-term projects.

Therefore, we know how important it is that the right things are done properly and on time. Our unique expertise and experience will help you to maintain chain of custody, secure investments, global partnerships and opportunities to successfully reach the market.


Choose the entire Biocube… or one of our services

Process Consultancy
Cost-efficient process for biological materials, local as well as global
Our guiding principle is to take advantage of your company’s ideas and add our unique expertise. We have a strategic approach where we take into account how you work with your biological material today and how you will work with it tomorrow. To assure optimal use and full chain of  custody for the material we also provide customized LIMS systems and IT-solutions.

Project Management
Makes your biological sample last far longer than your latest study or project
NordicBiocube creates an individual study process for the biological material your company owns which fulfills QA and authorities’ demands. Your company’s biological material can then be used in the most optimal way a long time after your clinical studies or projects are finished.

Specific requirements for labels on biological material
We provide high quality labeling which meets your information requirements, both regarding durability and readability. All labels  are thoroughly tested in various  environments. We help you to find the best solution for each specific situation.

Lab kits
Lab kit specifically designed for your study
Study specific lab kits facilitating for the site personnel to secure safe handling of samples.

Valuable transports
Transport allows no room for compromises.
We offer high quality transports according to current regulations. Owners of biological material are obligated to ensure that the involved companies comply with the applicable requirements. We take care of all communication and logistics for you.

Safe storage
Biological material must be stored in a safe and trustful way
We offer safe storage of biological material and corresponding processes, documentation, logistics and service. All in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

 NordicBiocube thoroughly and regularly audit the companies we are working with


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