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Nordkalk Nordkalk Limestone-based Products Help to Minimise Environmental Impacts of Mining

Nordkalk is the leading producer of limestone-based products in Northern Europe, with deposits and production plants in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Norway and Estonia, and about 1050 employees in nine countries. Nordkalk’s roots and head office reside in Finland, and the company is a member of the Rettig Group.

In addition to the metal and mining industries, Nordkalk provides products and services to the pulp and paper, construction, and chemical industries, as well as for environmental care and agriculture.

Lime is Needed Everywhere
Limestone is a versatile and often irreplaceable raw material with many areas of application. Every day we all use products that could not have been made without limestone-based products. In environmental applications, our products are needed to provide society with the basic prerequisites of life – clean air, pure water and fertile soil.

Limestone is a pure natural substance. It consists almost solely of calcium carbonate and it can be used crushed or ground, and it can be refined into calcium oxide (quicklime) or calcium hydroxide (slaked lime), both of which are highly reactive products. Limestone-based products are used to remove impurities in various processes and as a neutralizer and filler.

Typical applications are municipal and industrial water purification, and neutralisation of flue gases at power plants. In steel industry, lime is needed above all in slag forming. In the paper industry, limestone-based products serve as a raw material for the paper pigments used as coating or filler material. Limestone powder is the most frequently used construction material filler.

In agriculture liming reduces the acidity of the soil and releases the nutrients of the field for the plants to use, which decreases leakage of nutrients into watercourses. Environmental liming can restore acidic watercourses and the organisms in them.

Regulating Processes in Metal Mines
In the mining industry, lime is an important chemical for regulating various processes. Quicklime and slaked lime as well as ground limestone are used both in concentration plants and for metal extraction.

Concentration plants often use lime milk made of quicklime or slaked lime for regulating pH values. Keeping pH values at the required level ensures a high value yield from the mine.

Lime products are also needed for treating unusable or superfluous process water, flood or rainwater before returning them to nature. Lime raises the pH value, thus precipitating metals diluted in the water into tailing areas. Limestone is often used in the construction of tailing areas and as a part of the cap after closing the mine.

Furthermore, lime is used in underground mining. Lime improves the stabilisation of fillers, strengthens filled constructions and reduces the risk of collapse.

Nordkalk’s versatile range of products along with our expertise is present throughout the process, from underground through to refining.

Close to the Customer
Nordkalk’s network of mines and quarries, production plants and distribution throughout the Baltic region ensures delivery of the right products at the right time to the customer. As a local supplier Nordkalk is near to the customer and able to offer the best logistical solutions.

Nordkalk’s experience in the limestone business dates back more than 100 years. All operations are based on our values Openness, Fairness, Modesty, Trust and respect.

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Legal Process on Gotland Continues

In November 2014 a continuation permit was granted for Nordkalk’s current Klinthagen quarry on Northern Gotland. The permit also covers an extension area of 32 hectares northwest of the quarry. In total, the permit includes extraction of approximately 20.5 million tonnes of limestone of different grades, and it is valid for the time being. The permit includes execution, which allowed Nordkalk to continue operations at Klinthagen without interruption, while the earlier permit expired at the end of 2014. The verdict has been appealed, and a new hearing in the Land and Environment Court of Appeal is expected to take place during 2015.

The legal process for opening a new limestone quarry in Bunge on Northern Gotland continues, with a new hearing in the Land and Environment Court of Appeal set to take place in 2015. The permit application was filed in 2006, the quarry deemed permissible in 2009, and the following year that verdict became legally valid. The permit and its conditions were announced in 2012, but the verdict was followed by an appeal to the Supreme Court, and a new hearing including Natura 2000 issues was ordered. That hearing took place in March 2014, and on 2 June 2014, the Land and Environment

Court again granted Nordkalk a permit and conditions. Since this verdict was appealed, a hearing will take place in the next court instance in mid-April. The final outcome of the legal process is expected by 2016.