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Nordkapp HavnAt the end of a continent
For several hundred years, the North Cape has attracted people from every corner of the globe. At the very outskirt of Europe is the North Cape Hall, a tourist centre open all year long. The centre offers a host of facilities.

To visit North Cape the port of call is Honningsvåg. The port is the largest cruise port in Northern Norway and is situated in the heart of the town – near shopping, restaurants and activities.

A new pier
A new pier was opened this year in Honningsvåg. It has a depth of 12 m and a length of 134 m allowing vessels up to 300 m to tie up alongside in the port. The pier will include two hydraulic Capstone pullers – each with a capacity of 250 tons.

The jewel of the Arctic
The North Cape region is the jewel of Arctic Europe and is for Europeans, what Alaska is for Americans. In addition to the northernmost point – the North Cape, we also offer Bird Safari, King Crab Safari, Ice Bar and a museum presenting coastal culture and fish industry in the northern part of Norway.

The magic of winter
Make a call to Port of North Cape also in wintertime. The Arctic winter makes it especially challenging and at the same time very exciting. The northern lights – a spectacular phenomenon of dancing mystic lights on the dark winter sky.

A journey to the north
Arctic nature, the radiant sun at midnight or the flaming northern lights – any season is perfect for a journey to the north!
Welcome to the Port of North Cape.

A natural choice for transit and industry
Proximity to resources in the Barents Sea and concern for the natural environment establishes the port of North Cape as an ideal choice. The port has a natural deep harbor for safe handling of large vessels and installations. A long history as a port of call for cruise ships, harboring several large vessels simultaneously, has established a well facilitated port. This infrastructure is now utilized to support the petroleum industry.

Natural advantages
The port of North Cape is situated close to the Russian border and has a short sailing distance to the northwestern oil fields of Russia. The deep water harbor is free of ice and provides easy access to fuel and supplies, offering a minimum deviation for tankers. Social and commercial services are easily available from the port, such as airport and medical services. The close proximity to oil fields and the sheltered harbor makes the port attractive for ship-to-ship transfer of oil products.

Safety first
The port of North Cape is a safe and environmentally sound option. The protected location of the harbor provides safety from the arctic climate. With the presence of IUA Midt-Finnmark and an emergency center, the port is well prepared to handle high risk operations. The port of North Cape conducts comprehensive work and routines to protect the environment.

Marine establishment
The North Cape area has a strong maritime environment.
The combination of a maritime training center, a maritime school with naval officer training, studies of aquaculture and maritime security, an emergency center, the fishermen’s association, the directorate of fisheries and an active fishing community, there is a strong and traditional maritime expertise to be found. The focus on the arctic area is increasing. The marine establishment in and around the port of North Cape continues to develop and improve its strategies and knowledge of the Barents Sea.

Russian partnership
The port of North Cape is looking to Russia for cooperation, and has made a great effort to facilitate the establishment of a floating oil storage facility for Russian crude oil. The port is also facilitating a range of services ranging from ship to ship operations, bunkering, slop management, provisioning, crew replacement, repairs and so forth. The northeast passage between Europe and Asia serves great opportunity for further partnership.

A port for all vessels
The port of North Cape is located at the very top of continental Europe. For centuries fishing boats have been sailing the waters of the Barents Sea. Then steamers and cruise ships arrived. Now tankers are sailing the same waters. The port of North Cape is a natural partner for any vessel. The Arctic expertise and port facilities are at the service for all vessels.


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