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About us.
Norinnova Technology Transfer is an innovation company for North Norway.

• We offer a full service Business Incubator and regional networks
• We Offer Technology Transfer from the R&Dinstitutions in the region
• We manage the Science Park, including laboratories and business services
• We offer seed and project finance

Foto: Yngve Olsen SæbbeNorinnova Technology Transfer is placed in the heart of the innovative marine biotechnology environment in Tromso. We are dedicated to help new exciting compounds from the marine environment to the market.

Due to the proximity to the Arctic Ocean and strong scientific traditions, North Norway and Tromso has established itself as one of the most interesting areas in the field of marine bio prospecting. In the Arctic environment the organisms have systems sustaining and bringing life at very low temperatures, that translates into compounds with unique properties.

This innovative hot spot for biotech from the cold Arctic have brought the world one of the one of its mostselling DNA modifying enzymes, cold adapted enzymes that e.g. help you do your laundry with lower temperature, promising drug candidates to fight cancer, marine oils that benefit your health and the widely used chewable omega-3 products.

Over the next years there will be numerous products derived from the marine environment in the arctic. Norinnova offer you unique opportunities to take part in this exciting world.

Relocate to Tromso?

Your business can benefit from all the opportunities in the north. Tromso Science Park offers attractive offices near the largest research institutions in the region, and houses more than 60 companies and RnD-institutions.

Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway, and enjoys a rich cultural life, a nearby airport and the busy campus of the University of Tromso.

The university has a significant growth in candidates with educations like engineering, safety and geology. All needed for the oil and gas sector looking at increasing its activity in the Barents Sea. Tromso Science Park is located next to the engineering education offered by the University of Tromsø.

Barents Geo Centre
Tromsø Science Park will in 2013 start building 12500m2 to form a cluster of industry and RnD-institutions; “Barents Geo Centre”. It is the perfect location for international oil and gas companies to relocate. 7000 m2 of Barents Geo Center is reserved for the University of Tromsø, Institute for Geology. The institute is growing, and was awarded a Norwegian Centre of Excellence in 2012. 5500m2 of the new center is reserved for private industry. This offers an opportunity for companies that seeks collaboration with the RnD-institutions and who wants to be part of a community of Tromso Science Park.

Barenst Geo Centre

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