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NorLense is one of the world’s leading companies within the development and manufacturing of Oil Spill Emergency Equipment and Inflatable, high pressure Tents. During 35 years of experience NorLense holds a very high degree of expertise and an excellent reputation within oil protection, preparedness and training. NorLense will work with you every step of the way to a full oil spill recovery system that fits your needs. From design, choice of equipment, training of personnel and even on-scene command at your request.

Self-Inflatable Boom Systems
The NorLense R and S series of oil containment booms are single-point inflation booms with automatic inflation that are one of a kind in today’s market. Self-inflation implies no crew members in front of the winder during deployment and recovery. This alone represent a major contribution to HSE is the risk of incidents is dramtically reduced. Further benefits of NorLense’s self-inflation products are:

  • Offshore Oil Boom
    The offshore booms are stored on reels and deployed and retrieved by one person. The boom inflates automatically, and 400 metres can be deployed in 10-20 minutes. The boom’s high fluidity in water enhances its ability to obstruct and control oil during clean-up operations.
  • Costal Oil Boom
    This delf-inflating boom has a particularly rapid deployment time – 400 metres in 4 minutes – making it perfect where speed is essential, such as with tankers, terminals, refineries and harbours.
  • Harbour Oil Boom
    NorLense’s harbour booms are manufactured with a freeboard containing expanded polystyrene, so no air filling is required. The booms are delivered in 25-metre sections and are easy to connect to require operational length.

Oil booms from NorLense are delivered to customers around the world, and some 80% of all oil booms in use for first-line preparedness along with training courses in Norway are supplied by the company. Other NorLense-products include: Silt Curtain, Active Oil Trawl and inflatable shelter.

Quality Assurance & Testing
The booms are constructed from the best oil-resistant coated fabric on the market, with quality proven through long-term, full-scale testing in the north of Norway, as well as laboratory tests in accordance with NorLense’s own strict standards. More than 300 deployments have been documented without the need for replacement of the inflation elements.

NorLense has quality assurance certification ISO 1400:2004


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