Norlense AS

Located in Fiskebøl, in the Hadsel Municipality of Northern Norway. NorLense AS has 55 employees and has been operating since 1975. NorLense AS has been developing, designing and manufacturing products in PVC fabric for national and international markets for over 35 years. NorLense’s main products are oil booms, protective equipment for the oil industry and inflatable tents. NorLense is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001 and ISO-14001:2004.



Inflatable tents:
Norlsene inflatable tent with inner liningNorlsene inflatable tent without inner liningNorlense’s Inflatable tents are typically multipurpose and well adapted to bivouacs, field hospitals, command centres, etc. Short assembly/disassembly times make the tent concept exceptionally mobile and diverse. As the carrying construction’s design is not particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations the tent can remain in use in the same place for long periods of time with little or no need to monitor the air pressure. NorLense’s clients include the Armed Forces, the Norwegian Air Ambulance, the Directorate for Civil Defence and Emergency Planning and Red Cross.

Protective equipment for the oil industry:
NorLense AS manufactures and supplies oil booms worldwide, ranging from small harbour booms to huge booms for offshore use. Harbour booms are delivered with solid buoyancy, while larger oil booms feature an air pressure system. The huge oil booms designed for offshore use and for tank farms are equipped with a self-inflating air pressure system based on inner tubes like those used in the tents.


Norlense AS
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