Norsk Elektro Optikk AS

Norsk Elektro Optikk AS (NEO) was founded in 1985 as an offspring from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). NEO is a research and development oriented company that works within the field of electrooptics. NEO works mainly within the following areas:

  • Gas monitoring based on tuneable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLAS)
  • Underwater optics
  • Inline pipeline inspection
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Space applications

Gas monitoring
Gas monitors based on diode laser spectroscopy (TDLAS) is the most important field of research for NEO. These monitors are used in the most challenging applications in many industries including petrochemical, oil refineries and oil & gas. Their use is within safety systems, process control and emissions monitoring. The gas monitors are marketed by our subsidiary neo monitors as (see

Underwater optics
The current product portfolio comprises a camera system called “TileFish” optimised for use on autonomous underwater vehicles. This camera uses a LED illumination system to save power and acquires an image mosaic (tiles) of the seabed. The TileFish camera system can easily be integrated on a HUGIN AUV.
NEO has been and is developing other underwater imaging systems for different applications.

Inline pipeline inspection systems
NEO has also developed an inline pipeline inspection system targeted at natural gas pipelines. This system is called Optopig and depicts the inner pipe surface using laser illumination and an advanced custom camera system giving both images and 3 dimensional data of the inner pipe surface.

Hyperspectral imaging
NEO develops and manufactures the HySpex range of hyperspectral cameras. Hyper spectral cameras can be used for a wide variety of applications within environmental monitoring, industrial and food sorting and quality control as well as in military and forensic applications.

The subsidiary “neo monitors as” is marketing, manufacturing and is doing service on our line of gas and dust monitoring equipment based on laser technology. Please see

Quality assurance
NEO has a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

norsk elektro optikk

The left image above shows the LED light source for the TileFIsh camera system. The image in the centre above shows the Full City oil spill in the Oslo fjord. The area in the red frame has been used as input to an image classification system producing the

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